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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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as vice chair i've gone through several times and looked at the video of the hearing that was held on my matter referred by the sunset ordinance task force and the only two people that asked questions were commissioner keane and commissioner andrews i said is there any way of using the audio video equipment without extend $42,000 and the city librarian lied to him is no other way all they had to do was take the slides i know they got them and included the private individuals like the friends the san francisco public library it tomatoes not commissioner andrews fault that i guess he did what most people do listened to the department heads and
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assumed he wouldn't lie especially on not television i say that without fear of contradiction it was proven commissioner andrews has shown a on several occasions to ask questions that really need to be asked i would have been controvertible with commissioner keane because he's a great advocate for from the expression and first amendment rights i've yet to see that take real effect but again commissioner andrews i think will serve as vice chair very effectively and i at least have some hope that he will take into account that the issues of the public i will point out that very often members of the public who get involved in city council like
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the sunset posse have given up on they don't come here because they know you're not going to respond and you're not required to respond to my public commissioner lee's comment your your stimulated to contempt i'll ietsz telling that i say one thing that make you look bad and no one says anything in response maybe the vice chair will get something more than commissioner hur gets ridiculous looks at. >> is there a motion to elect commissioner andrews as the vice chair. >> so moved. >> all in favor, say i. i. >> hearing no one that motion passes congratulations.
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>> the next item a discussion and possible action on the minutes. >> commissioner. we found one last minute tip on and on 0 on page 6 under the top of the page the first paragraph the third to the last line read he stated that chapter two 8 is not limited it should be linked. >> any other changes
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public comment that is is there a motion to do you want the minutes. >> second. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. hearing none that motion passes. >> next on the agenda is at the director's report. >> just one on the language assess ordinance we processed the paperwork to translate the documents translator as soon as the paperwork is forehand or favored they'll send the documents to the translator so we'll have documents in this year. >> can i ask in terms of the percentage of documents that we are talking about what percentage that might be that will get done this year. >> at least half. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> and when i have those exact
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numbers of the money we have and by next month i'll have the number of documents but we step up to the plate to have one hundred percent done from the calendar year from now if not sooner. >> thank you. >> any questions for mr. sincroy in the director's report. >> thanks under chair mr. sincroy under the enforcement summaries the stipulation that chris jackson entered into will take care of numbers two and three. >> those are an additional. >> only an additional. >> a she means to of violations 235i or fines for filings. >> and number 2 from 2011. >> i believe that's the one
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from court agreement on. >> okay. >> i had a comment about this document and i know i can't but i want to make sure when we are doing this work particularly in the timeline on all the documents that could. to the commission particularly open any of the complaint that are outstanding and pending in any such documents that find themselves at the commission. >> right. >> sorry by away of theirs we're timely handling those. >> that's correct. >> that's written. >> so just under the lobbyist pro-program in your report it
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says as of march 15, 19th street 26 are registered on the audit not near one hundred and 26. >> that was from last year i'm sorry could you - so in terms of the chu's who we choose to audit we chose by firm as opposed to by individual lobbyists because the reason that was chosen really our mandate to do one lobbyist we thought 4 would be more appropriate we thought when the lobbyist report if there are other lobbyists sometimes the reporting overlaps one lobbyist may not report any income they can have if there's 3 lobbyists one can report all the firms
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income so we didn't liquor want to choose somebody and it turns out they have no protect but another person recorded the income to in terms of lobbyists we choose by firm if there are 3 lobbyists we'll actually audit all 3 of the lobbyists and if there's a firm where it is just one person putting out their tare shingle. >> any other questions for the executive order public comment? >> commissioners ray heart for san francisco open government the report you're talking about is on the screen and down there at the very bottom it says sunset ordinance
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the interesting thing about the executive report there is nothing there but a number never an explanation what is glen eagle being done or not just nothing so i got up here i thought maybe the general public should know the rocket for enforcing the century ordinance rests with the body i had second thoughts i thought good they do recognize that for a second years literally years has begun by i'm not the only one with ordered not reinforced and can't get you to do a darn thing about them and by doing so whether you want to admit it you protect the officials that are committing of all the evidence the city librarian was accepting thousands of dollars i brought
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that to the commission so did other members of the public we had to personally go to sacramento to get them to do anything and yet to get an explanation from the city librarian why we filed a statement under the penalty of perjury and allowed and said he got nothing and why he withheld records to how wide that fact and to protect the library commission to protect it arrangement $70 million and they don't know where the hell that went and you sit there and look which is what you do you sit and look and don't say anything i my case a whole bunch of statements and at any time one can stand up and show i'm wrong only problem they can't because
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i'm not and they think hey if i sit quote and say nothing long enough it will go away but it's not i missed being i was in florida and i will be here until you get off our asss whether will anyone ever you tell me the law didn't say you're supposed to enforce the ordinance no because you can't that's what the law say the question is why aren't you enforcing that. >> next item on the agenda is item for future meetings. >> any proposals from the commissioners? public comment?
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>> ray heart san francisco open government when ask one of you going to step up to defend the rights of citizens of the san francisco to go to a public meeting await being harassed or beacknowledged or disparaged by the boards we have the right to respond bow not the right to shut people up i went to a library commission and she said you can't talk about that you can only tube what we put on the agenda in terms of if it's not on the agenda you can't talk about that the task force ruled against the police officer commission tried to tell me i was not loutd allowed to talk about whatnot on the agenda he told me to shut up it's amazing
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in a city like san francisco think that you have the right to speak until i start to put your fist into someone's rice bowl we called it in hawaii and the city librarian is supposed to be putting down finances on his form one of you say going to say oh, my god that's terrible that is even worse that the private citizens had to go to sacramento why? because you're here to protect the people that appoint you i have news as far as i am concerned the middle eastern minute you took the oath of office you work with or for the citizens of san francisco and represent their interests and their interests alone and allowing an appointed officials
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a strident head to accept thousands of dollars from a group and do nothing about it your told point blank by the members of the public it is urban consciously like supervisor farrell when we went with them approving the annual appropriation we raised the same issues i alexander acted like there was nothing wrong with that and used emphasis office to withhold public records he voted that the the full board of supervisors approve the appropriation without having him or hi staff look at a single document they not limited to that and came forward and said he didn't give mr. heart anything because we didn't have anything they recommended to the full board of supervisors they approve the proimgdz without looking at the appropriation
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what it was unbelievable but i sit there with blank looks at in our icy wonder about you guys. >> is there a motion to adjourn the meeting. >> second. >> in favor. >> i. >> meeting is adjourned well, good morning welcome to the san francisco navigation
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center everybody (clapping) let me first say that we're never giving up on the goal to try to help everybody the best way we know it didn't mean that the past programs were wrong in any way or short of what we designed them to it means that both government the community the private sector should distancing review everything we do in order to do it better when it comes to homelessness what a challenge it is never sees easy to do the things we said to do and after we've that accomplished that it is about improving that i want to say thank you to everyone might be predecessor ands mayors before
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him in do everything we can in working through the greatest recession to try to help people about home problems and other issues that prevent them from long-term housing we're pretty luke in san francisco to fill feel the advances of a strong economy we're able to talk with much more clarity omi and the outcomes we want to accomplish but we need to learn continuing from what we're done in the past and improve on that i know many of you are here are part of advancing a newer approach and thank you to everyone that is skoourd me from the board of supervisors you're here as a strong advocate here and special thipgz thanks to each and every
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wish especially each everyone has helped us get clarity about what wire trying to do with the homeless connect and homelessness in general and many of them have advanced a lot of those we wanted to have in the inspire challenge of homelessness through their district so i want to thank the entire board of supervisors each and every one of them many step up to the plate with the navigation center and supervisor farrell has been meeting with me about the ideas how it relate to 09 issues she's he's doing and special thanks to supervisor campos i specifically worked with us and the neighborhood it is a sensitive topic people are so understand what we're trying to do i believe that just
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telling supervisor campos that the temporary nature of this causes us to focus on the outcomes it was welcomed to be discussed in this neighborhood but to take care of the homeless issues immediately as we brandish out to the rest of the city chief suhr has been a indicative part of the community as we 2k3w5e78d in the challenges that his staff was going through and optimistic they're the loudest voice we cannot move people around we have to have them a place to go the services to support that interfaith group has been at the heart of the entire idea of navigation center thank you, michael and rita for your license plate and the entire
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interfaith council we couldn't have done it without you and to their collaboration with us became the venue through of we were able to receive serious resources to be able to open up and do this and when we got those resources at their blessing that's i'm using that term in a nice way that that vehicle more than a vehicle their faith in yours us that the police department and hope and all the other service providers that are reflected here i think they were not only sold but help to lead it i want to thank the city administrator to the public director a the human services to
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all the agencies that are putting the services on the site to have a newness to this we have to have the entitlement you're going to have the people that on the streets get help they'll not come into a place people will have learned through harshness or through experiencing things they'll not that offered or responded to legitimate offers of housing simply because they're only insecurities or health are ones they feel challenged or safer on the streets than in - we're beginning to understand the survival tactics that people have learned and implemented to are control their own lives to
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try to offer them an opportunity to get off the streets this is a continue yum of serviced of ideas of support to get people off the streets i happen to believe i know that all the folks that are standing here building as well living on the streets is not a good thing as good as the weather and generous as people that give cash and lovely as the diversity that happens on the streets living on the streets particularly when you watch what happens in the evening is dangerous i don't courage anyone, of course, the early stories i'm used to hearing i'm seeking an alternative we have to come up with more alternative
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that's a challenge that's why all the entities are working to find creativity and more combooift was i want to say to beven keep coming with the ideas no idea is to the r50ek9d whether helping people getting out of inebriate ration or getting the psychological support or giving them a respite or homeless connect and the constant 24-hour service we have now for now the navigation center is all a continuance of into the weeds ideas to written people we want and desire us you kick with our sframz a true home or connect up with you to provide a level of services to get it a point where you can make a reasonable decision and
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at the end of the navigation center we'll have a long term housing opportunity for people now we're talking about hundreds of unit obey identified we already have in our spemgs a hundred units backing up this center and working with our residential hotel providers who are business people in their own right and offering us sfunt to work with n them as well the enforcement community building our housing i say we've spent billions of every year to insure that people get services whether their transitional or senior ever veterans or families or single mothers and we've had creative programs whether calling them healthy san francisco or housing first a or
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project homeless connection i made the announcement of project 5 hundred we're trying to reach both the most impoverished families we want an okay. you'll building in and help us form in order to end generational poverty we're going to keeping e keep investing and trying to fought was works best for everyone the ultimate end is people they have to building and invest themselves and participate just like when we did the state of the union of nourishing banks to navigate her way through the families her pronunciations spearhead our efforts to call that the navigation center doing it better there are a lot of people to thank i want to thank the
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people behind me from public works to public defender to default probation to mayor's office on disability public works has spent i talk about nurses in the contract you are have to give you kudos mohammed you guys did a great amount of work (clapping.) so what was this before it if you were here literally three or four months ago you'll find an 2k57bd school site thank goodness the school site was smart to be able to work with the city on this this was an band school site for many years i know that supervisor campos knows it first hand often he and i often on different schedules peered through the events why not have something positive ranch this place those portals were used in
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the classrooms broken into no type of wirings in the place i word why nothing worked and optimistic as neighbors moved in and around they word what feels the focus of this place but we have a focus a long term focus this is the place for one hundred and 25 bringing unit of low income housing this will be built here hopefully within less than 8 months (clapping.) all of the process going through and all of the sprifrdz every one of you have had the challenge to provide low income housing and transgender youth housing and want to speed that up while authenticity happening public works working with trent
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working with barbara gary suicides and homelessness connect guided united states if we're going to be able to welcome in groups of people that would never come to a shelter by themselves feel they wouldn't survive groups of people yes, we call them sometimes homeless but i call them groups of people they form the lions and live on the streets we need to get them in here and invite groups of people to live here we'll have the very first building that you see there as the beginning of a navigation center where people come in and get interviewed about their needs and how we can accommodate a health care how we accommodate social services and how we accommodate
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immediate needs to get them food and shelter they'll be noifltd to sleep here for a period of time and then just to the right the most important portal is the serviced we provide on site it gets them into a conversation with us what's their need and outcome how can we help them get that outcome this is not a center you'll come in and go out and feel free and do their thing on the street and come back for respite this is not what that naekts center is about it is our serious attempt to come in here get a shower they'll be shoulders for men and women come in here and get support and food and let's talk heights get down to business about your life and that serious business we offer the services in a meaningful way
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and sensitive way you know i'm distancing looking at a lot of contempt about the people in the streets i know from the predecessor and people in the streets it is not about moving people off the corners but making sure we care about their lives they come in and get services and support this is what living is about you offer them the opportunity to change their lives let's getting to the business whether homeward bound to give a great connection to our family whatever this is san franciscans want support people that are already here we're going to provide you with the services to get you there and when we say permanent long term hou